Geno Levi and his team of Stylists

have a Passion for Beauty...

Beauty that begins a transformation of the body, mind and spirit. For almost 40 years, Geno Levi has changed the paradigm of what is possible in hair care. He has dedicated his life to elevating the salon experience by developing a team of exceptional hair stylists and creating innovative hair care products.

As a salon owner and master educator, Geno Levi maintains a firm foundation in the fundamentals. Education is paramount to sustain the level of quality and service the guests at the Geno Levi Salon have come to expect. At the heart of the Geno Levi brand is an unwavering commitment to help guests, stylists and our community achieve their goals.

“It is with a heart of gratitude, we serve our clients. I invite you to experience the Geno Levi Salon and Line of Hair Care. Thank you for letting us be part of your lives.”
– Geno Levi



Geno Levi’s immersion into the hair care industry started at a very young age. He helped his mom, a beautician with her own small salon about 30 miles outside of Pittsburgh, PA sweep hair, rinse color and hold foils.

After high school Geno attended beauty school and opened his first salon in the 1980’s. Soon he was recruited by California-based ABBA Pure and Natural Hair Care to help launch their new product line. He was soon promoted to Artistic Director gaining notoriety and recognition not only as an educator but also a dynamic platform artist.

The attention led to PureOlogy hiring him as National Artistic Team Leader to help develop, test and launch their brand. He traveled across the country for both manufacturers educating stylists and performing on national stages.

It was around this time, he met and married Cindy. Their union brought together the best in hair care, education and business. With a keen eye for trend and management, she helped Geno synthesize his technique of cutting, colour and perming along with creating botanical, science-based products.

In 2000, they founded the Geno Levi Academy, a training center for young stylists emerging from cosmetology schools across the country. Built on the proprietary Geno Levi Gravitational® Cutting Technique, the Geno Levi Academy has open auditions once a year and is the basis of all new stylists at the Geno Levi Salon. The working salon academy model allows students of the Geno Levi Academy to receive hands-on training while attending classes for a year. Students must pass and test out of four modules before being skill-certified and awarded a chair at the Geno Levi Salon.

The Geno Levi Academy releases trends twice a year, has ongoing education for the entire Geno Levi Team and travels across the country training stylists and salon managers.